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Surveillance Systems


One Click Techs delivers a comprehensive range of surveillance system services catering to residential and commercial needs. Beginning with thorough consultations and property assessments, we design customized systems equipped with high-quality cameras, sensors, and monitoring devices. Our expert technicians ensure precise installation, enabling remote access for convenient monitoring via smartphones or computers. We offer ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and 24/7 customer support to keep your system optimized and operational at all times. Additionally, we integrate these systems seamlessly with existing security setups, providing a holistic approach to safeguarding your property. Trust One Click Techs for reliable, cutting-edge surveillance solutions tailored to prioritize your safety and convenience.



We specialize in comprehensive networking solutions for both residential and commercial needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance. From custom network designs tailored to your specific space to the meticulous installation and configuration of routers, switches, and access points, our skilled technicians guarantee reliable connectivity across all devices. Security is paramount, and we implement robust measures such as firewalls and encryption protocols to safeguard against cyber threats. Regular maintenance and upgrades ensure network speed and stability, while our dedicated support team addresses any troubleshooting needs promptly. We also assist in scaling up or expanding network infrastructure as your requirements evolve, ensuring your network remains efficient and adaptable.

Access Control


One Click Techs excels in deploying sophisticated access control and FOB systems, featuring renowned brands such as Hartmann Controls, Keyscan, and Honeywell. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect: from meticulous consultations and custom system designs that seamlessly integrate these cutting-edge systems into your property, to expert installation and precise configuration. We prioritize customization, tailoring settings and access levels to match your specific security needs while ensuring intuitive user interfaces. Our commitment extends to thorough training and ongoing support, guaranteeing that users are adept at utilizing these access control functionalities. Moreover, regular maintenance and upgrade options are available to uphold optimal system performance, keeping your security measures consistently robust.

Intercom Systems


installation of cutting-edge intercom systems for residential and commercial properties. Our services begin with tailored consultations and system designs that meet your communication needs, ensuring a personalized solution. Our skilled technicians handle expert installations, meticulously placing units and integrating the system with existing infrastructure for optimal functionality. We configure the intercom systems according to your specifications, establishing communication zones and conducting thorough testing to guarantee flawless performance. Comprehensive user training ensures everyone is well-versed in utilizing the system’s features, and our ongoing maintenance services and dedicated support ensure your intercom system remains reliable and efficient over time

Audio Visual / Home Automation


Experience the pinnacle of AV and home automation solutions with One Click Techs, harnessing the sophistication of Savant and Pro Control systems alongside top-tier high-end sound systems. Our journey begins with thorough consultations, tailoring personalized solutions that seamlessly integrate these cutting-edge technologies into your lifestyle or business. Our adept technicians orchestrate flawless installations and integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity and peak performance across your home or workspace. From custom programming to interface designs, we empower effortless control over entertainment systems, ambient lighting, climate settings, and more—all through a centralized interface crafted for intuitive use. Committed to ongoing support, we offer comprehensive user training and dedicated assistance, ensuring your Savant and Pro Control-powered systems, including high-end sound setups, operate flawlessly, elevating your comfort and entertainment experience to unparalleled heights

Interactive Directory Boards / Conference Rooms

One Click Techs specializes in seamless installations for interactive entrance directory boards and comprehensive conference room setups integrated with Webex, Zoom, and Teams. Our expertise lies in creating intuitive and engaging interactive directory boards, enhancing navigation and information sharing for visitors and residents. Additionally, our tailored conference room installations facilitate smooth and efficient remote meetings and presentations. We ensure seamless connectivity and functionality for both in-person and virtual participants. Count on One Click Techs for precise installations that optimize communication, collaboration, and visitor experiences within your premises.

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